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Ingrid Rothe, Holstebro:

”Dear Agnethe,
The choice was not difficult, since we had to find a very unique and special gift for our son, who had just become a law professor. It, of course, had to be you that we asked to help us. You have fully made the artwork, we had hoped for.
With your help with the actual glass art and the selection of colours which fitted the best, we agreed on Life Voyage. The sails were orange and green. Section marks were made in the green sails.
Our son was overjoyed and happy about the beautiful gift. A unique piece - only for him, and he immediately saw how many thoughts and how much time had been put into the gift.
It should also be mentioned that the colours fit perfectly in our son’s home. So thank you very much for the work of art, Agnethe.”



Team leader of the Danish National Culinary Team:

“The National Culinary Team has chosen to use Agnethe’s beautiful glass art to create a large serving plate to be used for a cold fish for eight people.
Agnethe is incredibly creative and extremely good at designing a beautiful expression in the glass, and we can be part of the initial process surrounding the selection of glass types and colours and then let the art flow.
We are so happy that we got this opportunity to cooperate on this project.”






Linda and Hans Henrik 14.11.2010
"We have acquired a unique piece of glass art which we have followed almost from the first idea. It''s been a pleasure to hear about your activities. We have felt very welcome."
Linda and Hans Henrik, Solrød Strand
Kirsten and Palle 23.10.2010
"It''s been a delightful experience to come here to see your beautiful works. It''s wonderful that you have the time to talk about your items, so we also get some of the story in. We are very pleased with what we have acquired here!"
Kirsten and Palle from Skærvad
Samlive Aistin 07.08.2010
”This is really beautiful and amazing Art!”
Samlive Aistin, Cape town S. Africa
K.E. Guldager 05.08.2010
"This is really an art, which involves the landscape of West Jutland. Everyone must be fascinated by glass art when it makes such results!"
Lis Rasmussen 30.07.2010
"All our expectations of great and exciting art was redeemed in plentiful supply!"
The warmest greetings Lis Rasmussen, Middelfart
Linda Stampe Eskildsen 07.06.2010.
"From today, you are both an example as an artist and a person. Thanks for an inspiring talk and visit to your gallery in Bøvlingbjerg. With your focused and humorous view of the life of an artist you will go far. Every possible luck and success!"
Gustav and Emilie 31.03.2010
At the reception Bloom, Manhattan.
"Dear Agnethe. 1000 times good luck in this adventure. The world is in your hands! (or at least NY)
Love from Gustav and Emilie"
Benthe Montalvo, Danish Consulate 31.03.2010
“Dear Agnethe. It has been such a pleasure to help introduce your beautiful Glass Art to the American market. I wish you a wonderful reception at Bloom tonight!”
Benthe Montalvo, Danish Consulate
Lone Mørkøe 27.03.2010
"A fantastic beautiful glass exhibition. Have never seen anything like it!"
Ulla Molleo 27.03.2010
"Impressive and beautiful!. I look forward to having my penthouse apartment in Manhattan, in which your art will fit perfectly. Very much good luck! You are on your way - keep dreaming!
Steven Burgert. Gallery I.D, North Halsted, Chicago 12.02.2010
“It is a great honour and pleasure to meet you. It has been a wonderful experience to allow clients to learn more and appreciate your work. Much continued success in the future.“
Kind regard Steven Burgert. Gallery I.D, North Halsted, Chicago
Jihane Khawam, Chez Moi`s, San Francisco 2010
"Maagaard`s work, like all great artists', is simply alive. It tells a story, it reports a dream, it reflects a feeling, it places an imagine in front of a passion and more importantly creates the need to look at it and reflect on what it means to each one of us!"
Karen Philkjær, Gallery owner 2010
"We're enthusiastic about Agnethe Maagaard's art. She puts her soul into her work, and her large sculpturel art plates and wall decorations are in a class of their own. They can be considered breakthroughs in their area. Her art is classic, simple and stylistically consistent!"